5 Tips for Video Interviewing

If you’ve immersed yourself in a job search in the last 5 years you’ve probably had a video interview, skype, hangout etc. More and more companies are adding video chats into their hiring process. Aside from the basic interview prep (that’s a whole different post) this is just another step towards that shiny new position at Dream-Job-.com.

Here are 5 quick tips to make sure you’re putting your best video interview foot forward

1. The trial run, confirm everything is downloaded and in proper working order. Nothing more stressful than not being able to connect. On that note, provide your interviewer with a phone number in case the catastrophic wifi bug happens. Check the angle, brightness and your positioning during this run, add a lamp in the room if need be.

2. Should you dress to impress? YES! Solid colors, don’t wear a patterned suit/shirt it won’t show well on some cameras.

3. Camera should be at eye level, prop up your laptop or lower your chair. Cameras are unforgiving with their unflattering double chins and weird shadows.

4. Take a look at the background, does it look cluttered or is it an office setting. We don’t all have “that smells of mahogany and leather bound books”, plain wall will do just fine.

5. Make eye contact with the camera, don’t look at the screen. This takes a little practice but it goes a long way, also the microphone picks up every little ambient sound. Don’t shuffle papers, tap a pen etc.

Executive Swoop Ins

The article is geared towards a product team but the core message has similarities to any team or organization.  As a leader on a small or large team, hopefully your main goal is the win, for the company, team, product and client.  If you’re a “swooper” or you’ve recently been “swooped” make sure “you’re aligned on the larger questions motivating each of your perspectives”.  To avoid being the “swooper” schedule reviews, keep track of the successes and hold ups to understand where your team is at.  As the “swooped” come up with a solution and bring research to show your thought process and why you disagree, but in the end “the show must go on”, move forward and hopefully learn from the process.




Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are necessary and a must in our opinion. the quick break down, “Thank you for your time” then hit on something the manager seemed passionate about, the team probably “It was really exciting to hear about the growth of the team, I would be very interested to work with like-minded people” and finally “Again I appreciate your time, please let me know if I can provide any further information for consideration. I’m looking forward to the next steps” This article is a great representation of the data “86 percent said no thank you note shows a lack of follow-through”